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Inca Trail to Machupicchu - Trekking Inka Trail

The most important Inca road was the Camino Real, as it is known in Spanish, with a length of 5200km (3230mi). It began in Quito, Ecuador, passed through Cusco, and ended in what is now Tucuman, Argentina. The Camino Real traversed the mountain ranges of the Andes, with peak altitudes of more than 5000m. El Camino de la Costa, the coastal trail, with a length of 4,000 km (2420mi), ran parallel to the sea and was linked with the Camino Real by many smaller routes. The Incas built a vast network of roads to be able to communicate with the four regions of their huge empire, the Inca road system was constructed in pre-Columbian South America. Traversing the Andes Mountains and reaching heights of over 5000m (16500f) above sea level, the trails connected the regions of the Inca Empire from the northern provincial capital in Quito, Ecuador past the modern city of Santiago, Chilean the south of territory.
The networks were known as Qhapap Nan (the sovereign's highway). There is remains of the Qhapaq Nan (The Inca trail) throughout Peru that are still used to this day by local farmers sometimes accompanied by pack animals, usually the Llama. The trails were used by the Inca people as a means of relaying messages, carried via knotted-cord Quipu, books, and by memory; and for transporting goods. Messages could be carried by Chasqui runners covering as much as 242km (150mi) per day. There were approximately 2,000 inns, or Tambos, placed at even intervals along the trails. The inns provided food, shelter and military supplies to the tens of thousands who traveled the roads. There were corrals for Llamas and stored provisions such as corn, lima beans, dried potatoes, and Llama Jerky. Along the roads, local villagers would plant fruit trees that were watered by irrigation ditches.
Today, hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, the so-called “Lost City of the Incas”. There are many well-preserved ruins along the way, variety of eco-systems and dazzling scenery. The Inca trail is one of the world's most important trekking and camping routes and is possible to get there in 2 days/1 night or 4 days/3 nights and find the altitude between minimum 2600m - 8528ft; maximum 4200m - 13776ft.
Our classical 2 days group service trek is the most popular trek to Machu Picchu. With this trek service you can join one of our groups and find variety of like-minded people from all over the world. This service is perfect for couples and small groups of friends.
Intineray Day by Day:(B)= breakfast / (L)= lunch / (D)= dinner

Day 1: Cusco - Wiñaywayna - Aguas Calientes (L) (D)
We leave Cusco early in the morning by train to Km 104 where the trek starts. Upon arrival we visit the ruin of Chachabamba in 2250 masl. Here agricultural product from other areas where collected to be brought to Machu Picchu. Then we begin our walk towards Wiñay Wayna. On the way we have beautiful views of the Urubamba river and the chances are many to see different kinds of the famous orchid family. We turn around the last corner and have the amazing Wiñay Wayna rigth below us, we stop to make a visit of this interesting and important inca site. After a few minutes walking we stop for lunch. In the afternoon we walk the last hours towards Machu Picchu, that we see on a distance from the Inti Punku (Gate of the Sun) in the beautiful afternoon sun before continuing down to Aguas Calientes. We spend the night in a nice hostal in town.

Day 2: Machu Picchu - Cusco
After breakfast we'll arrive at Machu Picchu ruins (2400 m). Guided tour of the ruins for approximately 3 hours followed by some time at leisure for lunch. In the afternoon, we take the train back to Cusco, upon arrival transfer to your Hotel. End of services.

Tour Inclusions
- Transportation by train to head of trail (104 Km.)
- Train ticket back to Cusco
- Entrance ticket to Inka Trail and Machu Picchu
- Bus tickets Machu Picchu / Aguas Calientes / Machu Picchu
- 01 night accommodation in Aguas Calientes (inc. breakfast)
- Transfer train station / Hotel
- English/Spanish speaker professional guide during all Inca Trail
- Meals as mentioned in the itinerary

Cost by Person 325 US$

Real Time Checking


a. Reservations will be made in the offices of the Departmental Headquarters of the Instituto Nacional de Cultura in Cusco, receiving confirmation with corresponding reservation code.
Note: Reservations will be subject to the daily capacity emitted by the UGM (500 people, including guides, porters, helpers and visitors), therefore we recommend you to reserve your place far in advance.
b. The entrance permits can be bought even 360 days before the trip begins.
c. To buy the entrance permits, the Tour Operator must pay 100% and provide full names, passport numbers, ages, nationalities and passport photocopies of all those going on the trip, to the relevant authorities. The traveler must send this information and documents to us from his or her home country.
d. Wrong information on travelers will result in the non-acceptance of their entrance permits, and no reimbursement of fees will be made in this case.
e. Only people under 28 years old with valid International Student Identification will be considered as a student, entitling them to a discount on the RED entrance fee.  ----


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