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 Climbing Sabancaya Volcano
  ( 3 day 2 nights)

Summary:The Nevado Sabancaya, one of the most rugged of the high active volcanos, is about 5.976 meters high and has two peaks: an active oval crater of approximately 400 m diameter and a smaller elevation about 20 minutes South.
Being a regularly active volcano - eruptions taking place exactly every 3 hours - I was most impressed by its view already back in 1994. Due to lack of water we did not make it to its peak but were had to return to the Hazienda Sallali and back to Arequipa after some days out in the desert.
Intineray Day by Day:(B)= breakfast / (L)= lunch / (D)= dinner

Take either a Jeep and a guide from Arequipa, and be sure to get a 4x4, or take a bus from Arequipa towards the Colca canyon/Chivay. Bus takes approximately 3 or 4 hours then crosses a very high pass of 4.920 meters. Just as it starts to accelerate downhill, a long straight stretch of 'trocha' road (unpaved), watch out for a small road branching off to the left, where you see the three volcanos Ampato, Sabancaya, Hualca-Hualca (ltr) majestically rising into the blue morning sky. Get off exactly at this point, even if the bus driver wants to take you to Chivay (there are no people up here, and no water, and it is usually very cold, when you come up from Arequipa in an early bus).

Let the bus disappear in the dust and take some deep breaths, and some water too. Then grab your pack and hike westward, almost all flat, along a hardly used sand road towards the mountains. It zigs through the rocks spread across the sandy plains here, so do not hesitate to take the many short cuts. And do not bet to hit a vehicle, the Telefonica guys come to the antenna further up maybe once a month, and the Hazienda Sallali is frequented by truck usually twice a year. So you are on your own, and you will be on your own up here. The air is thin and bites into the lungs, and your pack is heavy the first days. So take rests as you want, and enjoy the remarkable solitude up here. The road winds up towards an antenna, but passes it in some distance on the left, South. You might see some guy guarding the antenna in a nearby building, so move over and have a coffee with him. Or a tea. If you give him a pack of Marlboro, he will be happy and you found a new friend up here. Half an hour, maybe a full hour might be suitable to get closer to the guardian, and let him tell you about what is happening up here. Usually it is safe to hike in this area.

From the antenna the trail moves lower, into a kind of huge basin, and the volcanos are very well visible ahead. You are even a bit wind protected here. Follow the 'road' until you hit some tracks coming in from the right. That is a path towards Achoma, upon the Colca valley. If you do not feel happy out here, you might switch North here and get back to civilisation and limited comfort. If you feel at home out here, get left through the small pass, and then keep right. The road now descends into the valley in the South, and you can save a half hour if you take this short cut. Further down you find plenty of water, and the road descends slowly along the valley.

Rain Season
December to March. Some days blue sky with good conditions to climb.

Best Time For Climb
April to November, on the rain season same days are with good weather (blue sky) permiting to climb this volcano. before to book your tour please see the weather report.

Advice For Climbers
To have good acclimatization, good physical conditions and good quality winter clothes. One day before all the climbers will have meeting with the mountain guide at our office or in the hotel, who will give a BRIEFING about this climb and also you can check the quality of the climb gear will be used on the mountain.

■Expert Mountain English Speaking Guide
■Oxygen and first aid kit
■Communication system
■Camping Equipment (Tent and Mattress)
■Climbing Equipment (Crampons - Ice Axe - Rope)
■Dining tent
■Porters (Meals + Equipment)
■Private four wheel drive vehicle (4X4)
■Meals on the Mountain.

Not Included
■Alcoholics drinks
■Sleeping bag -15 Cº
■Breakfast on the first day/lunch on the last day
■Tips for guide and camp staff.
Cost by Person 340  US$ .  Minimum 2 people.  ----


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